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Meet Sarah Browne.

“Who is Sarah Browne? Three words: funny, smart, cutting edge.  She’s a Social Media Research Revolution leader, a captivating story-teller and a fearless explorer. Believe me, you want to know what she’s up to.”  

“Talk to her for 60 seconds and you’ll see why she deserves the title “Guru of New.”

Sarah Browne is an award-winning writer, consumer insights strategist, and expert advisor on trends, innovation and emerging cultural change. A serial entrepreneur and branding innovator, she loves to be in the trenches, taking seed stage products from concept to commercialization. A digital pioneer since her days as one of AOL’s first Greenhouse (incubator) Partners, she’s brought her creative and market research expertise to companies from global giants to start-ups and small businesses. Many of the world’s most successful companies – Microsoft, Gillette, eTrade, Lending Club, Yahoo, Docusign, and countless others – have used Sarah’s strategic recommendations to gain competitive advantage in the overcrowded global marketplace.

Sarah’s rich background includes experience as Creative Director for major advertising agencies in Chicago and New York. She’s won awards and sales kudos for clients such as Unilever, Kraft/GF, Revlon, Chanel, Colgate, Natural World, and Clairol. She was honored with both the David Ogilvy Award and Ogilvy’s International Creative Fellowship Award in addition to her selection for a Purple Cow Award for innovation.

A prolific writer for business publications such as AOL Jobs, Linkedin, MediaPost, Adweek, and Quirks, she is also the author of the Samantha Darling Mystery Series which includes, Gypped, and the upcoming Flashionista. Her business books include the irreverent guide to social media, How Not To Be An E-Hole, and The New Cannabis Careers scheduled for release in Spring 2016.

In 1995, Sarah was invited by the Smithsonian to speak as ‘Woman of the Future’ about empowering women through technology. She is also the author of a grant in which public school system computer labs were transformed into digital training labs after hours for unemployed women. She has been honored by The Maui Writers Conference for her fiction, the Clio Awards for advertising, and she received the Women in Communications Matrix Award for leadership.


“In addition to being a digital pioneer who early on ‘got’ the link between entertainment and technology, Sarah is a real problem solver who uses her own distinctive blend of market research expertise, customer experience strategy and creativity to come up with relevant and meaningful — never cookie-cutter – solutions. In fact, she always finds valuable insight that helps bring my projects to the next level –or not. Sarah also switches hats easily, moving smoothly from a qualitative research study to name generation to blog development to running brainstorms.”
Executive VP, The Nielsen Company

“You are such a shining star – I think your mind is the one I admire the most from all my contacts, you really are my guru of new! : )”
Founder, Boutique Design Studio

“Sarah approached the market with key strategic insight that helped shape the type of research we did. She has always been ahead of the curve when it came to broad-reach marketing to consumers.
I’ve been involved with her via WOMMA, as she remains one of the leaders in Word of Mouth Marketing. She has more experience in this space than most in the field, and has key instincts and lots of experience that keep her at the forefront of the industry.
Sarah is easy to work with, very professional, and has a great reputation. If you’re considering working with a consultant in this space, Sarah is one of the best.”
Product Manager, Microsoft

“Just wanted to let you know that I loved what you created that day. It was enriching, bonding, great thinking — and you are the best of the best of leaders and facilitators that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Just wanted to clarify that it was a wonderful, extraordinary day!”
CEO, Boutique Ad Agency

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Naming Projects
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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

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